Caramel Lizard Leather Strap

Size Guide

Our lizard leather is an exotic, chrome-tanned leather from Panam. 

Tannery: Panam
Temper: Medium to Firm
Surface: Scaled
Patina: No
Water Resistance: Low. To ensure longevity, 
avoid moisture or soaking our straps in water.

As our straps are handcrafted with natural leather, each strap will be unique and may have slight variations to the product photo.

Our lizard leather comes from the Monitor Lizard which is a large reptilian. It is a glazed chrome tanned leather with small scales, in contrast to crocodiles which have much larger scales. We use the back-cut which means small rectangular scales are used near the lugs, tapering down to more round scales at the buckle.

All of our watch straps are entirely handmade one by one, utilising traditional leather crafting techniques. They are cut, saddle stitched and edge painted by hand to ensure that your strap lasts you a lifetime. All of our straps are lined with Zermatt leather, a hypoallergenic and water-resistant french calf leather.

For an approximate wrist size guide:
1. Extra small 95mm/65mm will fit a 5.0-5.5 inch wrist
2. Small sized 105mm/70mm will fit a 6.0-6.5 inch wrist
3. Standard size 115mm/75mm will fit a 6.5-7.5 inch wrist
4. Large size 125mm/80mm will fit a 7.5-8.0 inch wrist